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Hugs are back!!!

From 17th May we are allowed to hug or ‘cautious cuddle’ this is great for me as it’s also my birthday!!!!

But did you know that hugging is really important for our mental health and wellbeing?

When we hug the love hormone oxytocin is released creating a feeling of warmth, contentment, devotion, trust and bonding. When we hug, we invite people into our personal space, these are people we usually feel safe with.  Hugging can communicate to a person how much you love them, support them and care about them.  When you ask someone why they hug, usually they say “just because it feels right”.  Dopamine is another hormone that is released when hugging, this is the feeling you get when you are a all time high, like eating your favourite meal or exercising.

As humans physical touch is very important to us and there is lots of research to confirm that we are a species that need physical contact in order for us to thrive and survive. We can understand this by the skin on skin advice when babies are born.

Benefits of hugging

  • Releases the love hormone oxytocin

  • Releases the feelgood hormone dopamine

  • Reduces stress

  • Lowers blood pressure

  • Increases mood

  • Increases self-esteem

  • Boost your immune system

  • Increases empathy

  • Promotes bonding

  • Encourages positive thinking

Make it your goal to hug a least one person a day and spread the Yoginis Yoga Promise of kind hearts, kind words, kind thoughts. Lets bring our close family and friends together through the gift of hugging.

This is a quote that a friend of mine sent me, from an anonymous source:


The most beautiful form

Of communication that allows

The other person to know

Beyond a doubt that

They matter

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