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Key Stage 1&2 Programme (5-11 years)


About the training programme

The key stage 1&2 training programme progresses over four levels to give a complete solution to wellbeing using yoga and mindfulness techniques which have been specially adapted to be safe and to support the development of this age group. Body awareness is the main focus which is the key to learning. Postures and activities encourage exploration of body movements, breath and starting to understand the nervous system for self regulation. In this safe environment they are able to recognise their unique self and try new things without fear of failure.

With level 1 as your foundation, the additional levels advance your learning to understand the breath, brain and mindfulness, using additional postures and activities in your 'Grab and Go' scheme of work pack. 

Training and ongoing support is delivered on the Yoginis Yoga platform 'The Hive'. Online training allows you to train at your own pace and includes, audio, diagrams, illustrations and demonstration videos to suit all types of learners.

Demonstrates to Ofsted correct use of the sports premium.

For organisations wishing to train as a group, we offer a session plan, which a nominated member of staff can use to facilitate the training.


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Benefits for children

  • Feel included and accepted

  • Experience feelings of relaxation and calmness leading to better self care

  • Feel a sense of achievement

  • Develop body, breath and mind to manage emotions (self regulation)

  • Helps to improve posture for spine health and overall wellbeing

  • Strengthens muscles and bones

  • Improves concentration and focus to be ready to learn

  • Have fun and be more likely to adopt a healthy lifestyle

  • Experience kindness and acceptance in a non-competitive environment

  • Promotes heart health and the release of happy hormones

  • Builds breath awareness to regulate the nervous systems stress response

  • Develops balance and coordination

  • Gives opportunities for self expression, uniqueness and leadership

  • Learn skills for life that can be shared with others

.......and many more​

Benefits for educators

  • Positive impact on own physical and mental health and wellbeing

  • 'Grab and Go' scheme of work pack saves time planning yoga activities

  • Increased self esteem from learning a new skill

  • Improvement in job satisfaction/opportunities

  • Feeling a sense of purpose and making a difference

  • Increased confidence and self-belief

  • Increased motivation

  • Improves relationships with others

.......and many more​

What do our customers say?

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