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The Yoginis Programme

'Yoga but not as you know it'

The Yoginis Yoga schemes of work have been created with the child in mind, drawing on inspiration from years of teaching in schools and nurseries, including special needs.


What makes Yoginis unique is the link between the ancient art of yoga and the modern discoveries in neuroscience, biomechanics and children’s mental health that support child development and wellbeing, to create an educational programme to give life skills like reading and writing.


Schemes of work follow a traditional yoga format including warm up, postures and relaxation, to provide the routine and structure which supports learning and development. Postures and techniques are based on adult practices, specially adapted to be safe for children and to enhance and support child development, the growing body, lungs, brain and emotional intelligence. Repetition helps children to learn to recognise images and associated actions, giving them the confidence to take the lead and their learning home.


Yoga sessions are based around a visual timetable ‘Grab and Go Pack’ with interchangeable activities and postures added at each level. This provides a sustainable and progressive solution that is accessible and achievable for all children. 


Sessions are between 30-45 minutes to maximise learning potential and can be adapted to suit different groups of children. Aspects of the session can be woven into the daily routine to calm, focus and concentrate, ready for learning or play and to use for specific areas of development.

Yoga and mindfulness equipment
'Grab & Go Pack' -visual timetable 

Please choose your area of interest to learn more about the solution to your wellbeing needs

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