The Yoginis Programme

'Yoga but not as you know it'

The Yoginis Yoga programme has been created with the child in mind, drawing on inspiration from years of teaching in schools and nurseries, including special needs. Working with children, teachers, early years staff and experts in neuroscience and bio-mechanics. 

The programme is based on ancient yoga techniques and sessions follow a traditional yoga format including warm up, postures and relaxation, to provide the routine and structure which supports learning and development. Postures and techniques are based on adult practices, specially adapted to enhance and support child development, the growing body, lungs and brain, and is achievable for all children. 


Yoga sessions are based around the unique 'grab and go' pack, a visual timetable which directs the yoga session. Using images to represent postures, children as young as two are able to join in the sessions, learning to recognise the images and associated actions. Learning is embedded and children take the practice home and replicate with family and friends. This is supported by take home resources to build strong home school links and extended family well-being benefits.


Sessions are normally between 30-45 minutes, however postures can be woven into the school day to calm, focus and concentrate, ready for learning or play. No planning or experience is required.


The pack is adapted with inter-changeable postures and activities each of which are linked to national curriculum for foundation stage and Key Stage 1&2 creating a sustainable solution, which challenges the children and can be used as a focus for specific areas of development.


The Yoginis Yoga Programme is approved by The Children's Activities Association as an assurance of industry standard.


What children say....

“Yoga makes the classroom a calmer environment which is easier to learn in.”

“I feel joyful and full of energy.”

“I enjoy that it is relaxing and calms you down”

“I feel nice and soft and calm”

“I love doing the poses and it’s really fun.”

“I feel relieved and relaxed”

“My favourite is cat pose because after you’ve done it, your back feels like you’ve got a new one”

"It's like exercise but fun"


What teachers say....


"My class returned from lunch excitable and struggling to settle down to a piece of work. I remembered tree pose from our yoga sessions and how things brings focus. I got the children to practice the tree in the classroom and they were able to concentrate and actually produced their best written work" KS1&2 teacher Prestwich

"It's not always easy to get time in the hall for physical activity, yoga is great because we can even do it in the classroom"

'The yoga is really benefiting our children on self-regulation. The children are now completing most of the positions and really enjoy taking part" Nursery Manager, First Steps Day Nursery

"We enjoy it as much as the kids!"