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Practising yoga with your family helps to:

  • Create the foundations for leading a healthy and happy life

  • Develop body awareness and learn to trust their intuition

  • Improve comprehension and their ability to follow directions

  • Manage stress through breathing, movement, mindfulness and relaxation

  • Increase self-acceptance and tolerance of others

  • Helps them develop resilience and adaptability

The family that does yoga together, stays strong together

Three easy ways to introduce your kids to yoga:

1. Encourage them to notice their breath - place something on their tummy and see it bob up and down as they breath. Try it for yourself, abdominal breathing has many benefits for your mind and body.

2. Try making our yoga promise once a day to encourage kindness to themselves and others, see how excited they get when they know the words by heart.

"Kind Hearts, Kind Words, Kind Thoughts"

3. Buy our book Let's Go Yoginis it is written especially for kids and its great fun. Use this to create your own regular routine.