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It’s just the mubble fubbles

If you’ve ever experienced unwanted feelings that creep in on a Sunday afternoon as the weekend draws to an end and you start to think about Monday morning you should read this.

Sunday night anxiety is a real thing, some people call it ‘Sunday Scaries‘ and it’s not just limited to Sundays, these feelings can arise after a holiday or other happy event.

It‘s not just adults either, I remember Sunday nights as a child, as soon as Bullseye came on tv I knew that weekend was over and I felt sad, I also used to cry after a party where I really enjoyed myself and I never really understood why. For my Dad the last night of the proms means the end of summer and triggers his feelings of sadness. You may be able to identify some of your own.

It can be experienced in many ways and everyone will have their own way to describe how it makes them feel. It could be as a feeling of doom or sadness, it may be that your mind begins to race, making plans for things you need to do on Monday, you may feel tearful, have butterflies in your stomach, withdraw or become angry. However it manifests, it’s ruining a quarter of your weekend and may be affecting your relationships, sleep and rendering you less than your personal best, so you probably want to take back control and make the most of your Sunday’s.

The first thing to understand is that you are not alone, an online poll found that 62% of people experience this phenomena.

Take some time to notice how these feelings arise for you, consider:

  • Is there a specific time when these feelings arise?

  • Is there a specific trigger? (bullseye moment!!)

  • What are the bodily sensations you feel?

  • What stories are going through your mind?

The second is this, let’s get rid of the word Sunday anxiety and Sunday Scaries, these don’t help to calm your brain! Instead let’s call it the mubble fubbles.

Mubble fubbles is a great word, it already feels less scary!! It’s a 16th century word no longer in common usage

Mubble Fubbles - Sense of doom and despondency; never quite knowing what’s round the corner.

When I hear this word it makes me think of a kids cartoon and it can’t help but make me smile. If it resonates with you, try using it to name the feelings and stories you have identified. It’s just the mubble fubbles!!!! When we smile we send messages to our brain which release happy hormones and make us feel better so even this small act can help, and if you don’t like the word mubble fubbles make up your own word that makes you smile!

The third things is to take action, the good news is that the brain can change and rewire at any point in life, this is called neuroplasticity, the bad news is that it takes repeated effort for the brain to change and this means many people give up and revert back to negative thought patterns, even this isn‘t bad bad news though, you just need some simple practices to build better thinking habits.

The final good news is that there are lots of other easy hacks for beating the mubble fubbles and each Sunday afternoon we will share a new one on our social media pages so all you have to do is give them a try and find the ones that resonate with you.

Follow us on social media @yoginisyoga be sure to take a look and let us know what works for you.

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1 Comment

Stefania Unida
Stefania Unida
Oct 10, 2021

Amazing post ❤️🙏

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