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Yoginis TRAIN educators and practitioners TODAY to TEACH yoga and mindfulness TOMORROW…it’s what we do best

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60% of young people are unable to cope due to pressure to succeed*The children you care for need you to help them, we are here to help you.
* Mental Health Foundation

Yoginis Yoga is specifically developed for educators and practitioners to learn to teach yoga and mindfulness schemes of work to all ages and abilities from toddlers to young adults. Yoginis Yoga training is designed by highly qualified and experienced yoga and mindfulness professionals; Susan Hartley and Katie Brennan, which qualifies as continual professional development over progressive levels, approved and certified by the CPD certification service, AFPE and the Children's Activities Association.

Learn how to deliver a sustainable, progressive and affordable scheme of work as part of the educational syllabus which is fun, engages children, enhances learning and helps them to establish their own practice and share this skill with others.

Yogini's Yoga's scheme of work is unique in its delivery, using a visual timetable with no planning. Yoginis Yoga uses routine, repetition and structure which makes it all inclusive and so simple that children feel empowered and confident to take the lead.

Training is designed for those with little or no yoga experience. the learner is slowly immersed in the theory and practice of yoga and mindfulness techniques, consolidating their learning without being overwhelmed to feel confident in delivering sessions immediately.

Yoga is the perfect platform to teach children the tools they need to live and succeed in this modern world, to learn about themselves, their bodies, breath, mind, emotions and important life lessons including; kindness, resilience, acceptance, tolerance, confidence, friendship, setting boundaries, self regulation, uniqueness and equality.

Please choose your area of interest to learn more about the solution to your wellbeing needs

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