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Being kind is the secret to happiness, it is one of the most powerful forces for good. In a challenging world, kindness brings comfort and strength Kindness costs nothing, but means everything.


Benefits of practising kindness

  • Brain releases 

    • Oxytocin (love hormone) - helps us to feel connected, leading to more positive interactions

    • Nitric acid - lowers blood pressure and improves heart health

    • Serotonin (happy hormone) - improves mood and reduces depression

  • Tones the vagus nerve - people with higher vagal tone have better overall heart health, lower levels of inflammation, stronger social bonds and tend to exhibit better emotion regulation

  • Enhances good mental health - promotes gratitude and positivity

  • Helps anxiety - research has shown that those who perform 6 acts of kindness per week found a significant improvement in mood, relationships and social avoidance

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