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Teaching yoga and mindfulness to children -essential toolbox

There are four main items we always have in our tool box when teaching yoga to children. Chimes, a hoberman sphere, a singing bowl and some sand timers.


Chimes are a brilliant way to get children's attention and spark their curiosity the first time they see them, miniature versions such as these are perfect for little hands and develop fine motor skills needed to hold the strings and co-ordinate bringing the cymbals together to make the sound.

How to use the chimes for mindful enquiry

  • What are they made of?

  • What do the different materials feel like?

  • What temperature are they?

  • Are they heavy or light?

  • What colour are they?

  • What are they for?

  • What sound do you think they will make?

  • How long can you hear the sound for?

  • What else could we use them for?

In our level 1 course we use the chimes as part of our yoga sessions, you will learn about the yoga journey starting with the physical practices, introducing children to body awareness which is key to learning. Learn more


Hoberman Sphere

We call the hoberman sphere, the breathing ball. It is a lovely way to

show children how the lungs expand and contract to bring in and expel air. Children's lungs are not fully developed and so not all breathing practices are safe. Becoming aware of the breath however is an important skill for self-regulation.

How to use the hoberman sphere for co-regulation

  • Children expand and contract the ball and attempt to co-ordinate the breath with this movement, breathing in as they expand the ball/lungs and breathing out as they contract the ball/lungs

  • This can be used for general awareness of the breath and also to calm a child

In our level 2 course, we use the hoberman sphere to build breath awareness and to teach children how the breath can be used to stimulate the vagus nerve for regulation. You will continue your yoga journey to learn about the central nervous system and yoga breath techniques specially adapted and safe for children.


Singing Bowl

Children are intrigued by singing bowls and love to experiment with the sound they make. The singing bowl make a loud sound vibration which slowly fades away to silence and is a brilliant way for children to practice meditation.

How to use the singing bowl to develop concentration and focus

  • Children strike the singing bowl and listen as the sound fades

  • You may also use curiosity questions as per the chimes activity

In our level 3 course we use the singing bowl to introduce children to sense withdrawal and concentration. You will continue your yoga journey to learn about the brain with specific reference to learning and the stress response, including how yoga and mindfulness sessions can build life skills and how to include whole brain learning.


Sand Timers

Sand timers are a simple way to take time out to practice mindful meditation, timers are available in a variety of durations to build up this practice. Focusing visual attention on an object is a simple introduction to mindfulness and paying attention in the present moment.

How to use sand timers to develop mindfulness

  • Turn the timer and watch the sand as it moves from top to bottom

  • If any thoughts begin to appear, direct attention back to the sand

  • Start with 30secs-1min and progress to longer durations

In our level 4 course we use the timers to develop mindfulness. The goal of yoga is 'chitta vritti nirodhah' which is quietening the thoughts. Mindfulness and meditation are the higher practices of yoga and rely on the knowledge learnt in the previous 3 levels. At the end of level 4 you will have a full yoga and mindfulness scheme of work which is mix and match for a sustainable solution. This unique programme based on the way children learn, educates as well as entertains and children are equipped with tools and techniques to manage their own mental and physical health and wellbeing.


Yoga and mindfulness is made easy and accessible to all with the unique Yoginis Yoga programme - It's yoga but not

as you know it!!! - fill in an enquiry form or take our free course to learn more

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