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Intuition calling!!

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

“Knock, knock”

“Who’s there?”


Silence followed. Intuition sat back, it was used to being ignored. Perhaps it was becoming superfluous to requirements, like the appendix, a useless pouch projecting from the colon or the appendix of a manuscript, full of useful information but rarely consulted.

Then a small voice somewhere in the darkness came back

“Intuition who?” It was I

Intuition sprang forward like a dog glad to see its master home after a long day. Intuition took a breath. I had been away for some time.

“Do you have a few moments to spare? I’d like to properly introduce myself”

“Yes” I responded tentatively, recognising the voice but in a memory too distant to recall. A vague shadow in a murky pond, a dream, so vivid in sleep yet forgotten by daytime.

“I am the ability to understand something without conscious reasoning. A feeling of knowing without knowing why”

I wanted to run away back to the safety of checking emails or prying into the virtual worlds of facebook and twitter. 

Sensing discomfort, Intuition tried a different response. “Tuition as you know means teaching or instruction, so you can think of intuition as ‘in tuition’, teaching or instruction from inside the self. 

Something about intuition was infatuating and I wanted to know more, and so I became more curious.

“Have you always been here?”

“Intuition has been standard issue to humans since time began, if only Eve would have listened to her intuition, she would never have been tempted to sin” intuition paused and then continued “you knew me once”

“I did” I said, not in a surprised way more as a matter of fact.

“We were born together, we trusted each other. My favourite times were when we would play in the garden, creating magical lands, resting on the soft grass beneath the willow tree, hidden there in its curtain of leaves. We were safe and happy”

“I remember” I said “I don’t remember the last time” I paused “why did we stop doing that?”

Intuition replied “They call it growing up and doing as you are told. The more you got told how to do things and how to behave the less you stopped trusting me, but I’ve always been here”

“Oh” I said “how so?”

“On a basic level, I keep you safe. You could call this part of me your instinct, like knowing not to touch something hot. I help to guide you towards important things in your life, like that time you started a new school and they asked you who you wanted to sit next to. You didn’t know anyone, but you knew where you wanted to sit, you got a feeling about a particular person, 30 years later they are still your best friend”

“I remember” I said, “do I always listen to you?” I already knew the answer.

“Deep down, you always hear me, but you don’t always want to listen. Sometimes you choose to listen to others”

“I think I know what you mean, l had a feeling when I took this job that it wasn’t really for me, but everyone kept telling me what a great opportunity it was and how great the prospects are. It is a great opportunity and the pay is really good, but I just don’t feel fulfilled. Perhaps I should have listened to that feeling, was that you?”

“That was me” 

Silence followed until I was ready to hear more.

“I am listening” I said

Intuition continued “The right opportunity is there for you, trust me, you will know it when it comes”

I felt a warm safe feeling inside and a quiet peacefulness descend. It was a strange feeling that I did not feel the need to question; when, why, how, where. I just allowed that feeling to be.

I wallowed in the comfortable stillness. An expansive lightness, breathing within and outside the body. Softness and shapelessness of the body, fluid like water, melting into space.

In the silence, I heard a question  

“Who am I?”

“Before I answer that question, I want you to use your thinking brain. Who does it think you are?”

“Okay” I said not quite understanding but trusting Intuition

“Same time next week?” Intuition enquired

I really wanted to know the answer now but replied “I’ll be there”

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