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Do our thoughts affect the children in our care?

First of all what do I mean by thoughts?

Basically your thoughts are vibrations, for example, what’s your first thought when a person in a bad mood enters the room, they don’t have to speak about anything in particular, you just know that they are in a bad mood. Or perhaps a person walks into the room that automatically get’s you to question yourself, makes you nervous. An example of this we all might be familiar with is Miss Trunchbull in Matilda, What begins to happen in your body, just have a little think back to some occasion when this happened and how it made you feel?

Firstly, you feel the atmosphere change, this instantly brings you down, from an energetic standpoint the energy of the person changes the energy/vibration of the room and in turn changed every persons energy. Your brain now feels under threat it goes into survival mode and changes our breathing, body movement and thoughts.

Children are very quick at picking up on our vibration, have you noticed how they know when your energy is low and quickly give you the run around, by the same token, when your feeling confident, happy secure and safe they thrive in that environment.

What we think is played out through the words we speak to each other and in our body language/actions/posture. You can tell when a child is not happy or confident in some area, you can see if they are hiding some upset or issue they’re not dealing with, if their thoughts can be clearly communicated to us, we call this nonverbal communication, then yes our thoughts can affect the children in our care.

The key is being able to recognise this, we all are transmitting vibration, our vibration depends on our predominate thoughts and feeling in any given moment, when we are tuned in to this it means we have developed self-awareness, most techniques taught in a yoga class are about self- awareness to the breath, body and mind. When we learn to control these aspects of ourselves, we are less likely to be easily influenced by other energy/vibration or thoughts. As childcare educators/providers you know that children learn by example, if we want HAPPY HEALTHY CONTENT children we have to set the lead in manifesting this. If we lead the way, the children will follow, that’s why we came up with the Yoginis promise and it’s repeated at the beginning of every class and is a good reminder of the connection between thoughts, words and movement. Our book Let’s Go Yoginis, talks about the Yoginis Promise and helps the children develop self-awareness or body awareness as we yogis like to call it. To get your copy of our book visit

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