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Delivering quality education on a budget

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

With the election of the Conservative Government today many people in the education sector are worried about the continuing effects of budget cuts. Increasing pressure to deliver a world class education system including the provision of mental health education alongside academic activities by 2020 seems impossible given such circumstances. On a positive note, we have a workforce of committed individuals often dipping into their own pockets to ensure that children do not suffer, but this is not acceptable. We want to support educators by enabling them to benefit from affordable training to deliver programmes that not only tackle mental health and physical wellbeing issues at the source, but that also support learning and development for all children regardless of ability or background including those with special needs.

MIND statistics report that 1 in 4 people experience a mental health issue each year and Theresa May was criticised in 2017 for not doing enough to address the root cause.

We have been using our specially designed programmes with children from ages 2-11 to teach skills that build resilience, enhance learning and most importantly are fun and easy to deliver.

Here are the reasons they are effective:

* Embedding knowledge at a young age when information is not filtered ensures tools children can call on for life in moments of stress and to set healthy physical habits that continue to be followed.

* Using routine, familiarity and repetition is the best way for children to master new skills

*Feeling safe and grounded allows children to flourish and become their personal best.

Learn how you can deliver daily mental health and wellbeing to support learning and development through our programmes for as little as £1 per child per year

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