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Can Yoga improve learning?

'Improving attention and emotional control, enhancing the skills needed to be in the present moment and be still' is one of the many benefits of practising yoga with children that we list in our training programmes.

Between us (Susan Hartley and Katie Brennan - founders of Yoginis Yoga Training) we have 20 years experience of delivering yoga sessions to children and have been training those who work with children to become Yoginis Yoga Coaches to deliver our unique yoga programmes in their own settings for the past two years. As you can imagine there are many case studies we could share.

As business owners, we feel that it is important we stay true to the lessons we are teaching, practising what we preach as it were!!! It is not unusual to find us meditating, cleansing our workspace, taking some calming breaths, using mudras and visualisations before any important work. And so last Friday when we had scheduled in some time to create a marketing plan for the year, we first took 15 minutes out to do a guided meditation. It was delivered by a lady with a beautifully soothing voice and set out to release our caged hearts. By the end of the meditation we were in tears and had to take some time to counsel each other!

We had less time to work on our plan than we had originally anticipated but we found that having cleared our hearts and minds of baggage we hadn't even realised we were carrying, we were able to give the task at hand our full concentration and we poured out some of our best work, although we didn't fully complete our plan, we were more than happy with what we had achieved and looking forward to continuing next time. Whats more we weren't even tired!

It was interesting that after specifically observing this that the next day we received a message from one of our coaches, a teacher from a primary school, with some feedback. When we trained her she was keen to use yoga with her class as they were particularly 'challenging'.and so it was nice to hear some good news, this is what she said:

'Hi, thought I'd let you know that i got back into yoga with my class this morning, afterwards they did some fabulous writing, I'm sure there is a link'

After our experience last Friday, we couldn't agree more.

Why not join us and train to deliver yoga sessions in your setting, there is no planning so we save you time, full support and CPD is given to progress your career, you can train your whole organisation by booking us to train on-site or you can study online if time and location is a challenge. Perhaps you feel your staff would benefit from learning some yoga skills they can use daily to take time out to re-focus in as little as five minutes and would like to book us to deliver a well-being workshop. Get in touch, we love to hear from you.

Katie & Sue

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