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Our Vision

Our vision is that yoga for health, mental and emotional wellbeing is available to all children regardless of ability or socio-economic background.
We combine the ancient art of yoga with the latest research in neuroscience and bio-mechanics to offer techniques which contribute to reducing the physical and mental health issues increasingly faced by our children today.
We implement this by training those who work in early years, primary schools and with young people to deliver our unique and tested yoga programmes, based on our four key principles K*I*N*D.

About Us

Yoginis Yoga was founded by Susan Hartley and Katie Brennan. Sue and Katie have 

Katie Brennan BWY Dip. BSc (Hons) ACMA CGMA

Susan Hartley BWY Dip.

  • Yoginis Yoga was Founded by Susan Hartley & Katie Brennan

  • Yoginis Yoga have been delivering yoga sessions and training to schools and nurseries since 2006 including special needs

  • Sue and Katie are 500hr+ trained by BWY the largest UK yoga organisation approved by Sports England, training teachers since 1971

  • Yoginis Yoga programmes are accredited by The Childrens Activities Association, an external verification of quality

  • Yoginis Yoga combine ancient techniques combined with biomechanics, neuroscience and brain moves

  • Yoginis Yoga mission is to create Happy, Healthy, Content children 

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